Renaissance Masters Workshop

Verdaccio Underpainting and Glazing


Oil Painting Supply List
with D.K. Richardson

Wear clothes that paint will not get ruin with paint !!!

Remember to bring a Smile!



spacer11x14 Senso Mounted Canvas - linen on panel/clear gesso - Item#: 88354

spacer(Available at Jerry’s



spacerT-square - Alvin ALT18” Series Aluminum Graduated T-Square
spacer NOTE: It is important to have numbers both on the top head (blue) spacerAND down the shaft. (Available at



spacer Prospek proportional-divider
spacer(Available at Jerry’s Item #: 32839)

Prospek Calipers  

spacerEraser - Battery Powered
spacer(Available at


spacerPencil - mechanical (inexpensive is just fine)



spacerEbony Splender - short handle brushes - Must be SOFT!
spacer(Please do not use your expensive brushes.
spacerThe technique we use will damage them over time!)

spacer2 - Tiny Rounds 18/0

spacer4 - #4 Filberts

spacer2 - #8 Filberts

spacer(Available at Jerry’s



spacerPalette – disposable paper small

  8. spacerLiquin Original (Winsor Newton small bottle)
  9. spacerCrayon Brand Black Color Pencil – for drawing image on canvas    


spacerContainer - Air tight for transporting wet palette.
spacerIf you already have a container - bring it.

spacerI use plastic containers in different sizes from sandwich meat. Often using a
spacersmaller one for specific color mixes.

spacer(Be sure to put them thru the dishwasher so there is NO oil residue.)


  11. spacerPalette Knife – T44 or small traditional shape  

spacer1 - Roll of White Painter’s Tape - 1/2"

spacer(Available at Jerry’s Item #:11820)

spacer1 - Small Plastic Container with air tight lid



spacerCharvin Oil Paint Colors - Small Tubes are fine.
spacer(Available at Jerry’s


spacerGreen Earth / Terra Verde (V00945)

spacerIvory Black (V00959)

spacerTitanium White (82755)

spacerNaples Yellow Ancient (V00974)

spacerIndian Yellow Oxide (V00956)

spacerIndian Orange (V00954)

spacerCarmine (V00912)

spacerPurple Madder Lake (like Alizarin Crimson) (82747)

spacerCerulean Blue Hue (82718)


spacer*** Charvin is poppy seed oil based – does not tend to yellow over time.







spacer 8 x10 Foam core board – white.
spacerCut 4 each – 1” x 8”. (Used to protect painting when transporting.)

spacer 1 - 15" x 17" Foam core board – white.

spacer Strips of White Paper - You MUST have these for class!

spacer(Use Legal size paper which is 8.5 x 14.)
spacer Cut with Xacto knife using a straight edge ruler so they have straight spacer edges.
spacer8 each – 14” x 3”
spacer8 each – 11” x 3”
spacer4 Full size sheets of Legal sized paper.



spacerGamsol Solvent to clean brushes AND small glass jar
spacer(4 to 6 oz. with a tight fitting lid screw on lid.)

Gamsol Mineral Spirits


spacerCheap paper napkins (150 count) or Paper Towel – Viva Brand



spacer5x7 clear replacement Glass for color matching - Item# 87005
spacer(Available at Jerry’s



spacer1 fl. oz. NOW Brand Clove Oil / - be sure to get only 100% pure oil - nothing
spacerwith alcohol in it!
(Available at a grocery of health food store)


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