Oil Sketch Portrait Workshop


Oil Supply List
with D.K. Richardson
Updated: 7-10-17

Wear clothes that paint will not get ruin with paint !!!

Remember to bring a Smile!



spacer11x14 Senso Mounted Canvas - linen on panel/clear gesso - Item#: 88354

spacer(Available at Jerry’s Artarama.com)



spacerT-square - Alvin ALT18” Series Aluminum Graduated T-Square
spacer NOTE: It is important to have numbers both on the top head (blue) spacerAND down the shaft. (Available at Amazon.com.)




spacer Prospek proportional-divider
spacer(Available at Jerry’s Artarama.com Item #: 32839)

Prospek Calipers  

spacerEraser - Battery Powered
spacer(Available at Amazon.com)


spacerPencil - mechanical (inexpensive is just fine)



spacerEbony Splender - short handle brushes - Must be SOFT!
spacer(Please do not use your expensive brushes.
spacerThe technique we use will damage them over time!)

spacer2 - Tiny Rounds 18/0

spacer4 - #4 Filberts

spacer2 - #8 Filberts

spacer(Available at Jerry’s Artarama.com)


spacerPalette – disposable paper - 9" x 12"

  8. spacerLiquin Original (Winsor Newton small bottle)
  9. spacerCrayon Brand Black Color Pencil – for drawing image on canvas    


spacerContainer - Air tight for transporting wet palette.
spacerIf you already have a container - bring it.

spacerI use plastic containers in different sizes from sandwich meat. Often using a
spacersmaller one for specific color mixes.

spacer(Be sure to put them thru the dishwasher so there is NO oil residue.)


  11. spacerPalette Knife – T44 or small traditional shape

spacer1 - Roll of White Painter’s Tape - 1/2"

spacer1 - Small Plastic Container with air tight lid




spacerCharvin Oil Paint Colors - Small 20 ml tubes are fine.
spacer(Available at Jerry’s Artarama.com)


spacerGreen Earth / Terra Verde

spacerIvory Black

spacerTitanium White

spacerIndian Yellow Oxide

spacerPortrait Pink


spacerPurple Madder Lake (like Alizarin Crimson)

spacerCerulean Blue Hue


spacer*** Charvin is poppy seed oil based – does not tend to yellow over time.







spacer 1 - 8 x10 Foam core board – white.
spacerCut 4 each – 1” x 8”.

spacer 2 - 15" x 17" Foam core board – white.

spacer(Used to protect painting when transporting.)

spacer 6 - 3" x 14" White paper strips. - You MUST have these for class!
spacer(They can be cut with a your T-square & a blade from legal size paper.)



spacerGamsol Solvent to clean brushes AND small glass jar
spacer(4 to 6 oz. with a tight fitting lid screw on lid.)

Gamsol Mineral Spirits


spacerCheap paper napkins (150 count) or Paper Towel – Viva Brand




spacer5x7 clear replacement Glass for color matching - Item# 87005
spacer(Available at Jerry’s Artarama.com)




spacer1 fl. oz. NOW Brand Clove Oil / - be sure to get only 100% pure oil - nothing
spacerwith alcohol in it!
(Available at a grocery of health food store)


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