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After meeting with you to determine the size, location, background, and scope of work, a bid will be presented to you for approval. Once you approve the bid, and the initial deposit is made, a photography session will be scheduled for reference photos used in the painting process. The balance is prorated monthly over the estimated time for completion. Final payment is made on delivery of the portrait.

Prices start at $16,000.00 for a head & shoulders portrait with a neutral background in traditional oil or pastel.

Oil Portraits done in the Renaissance Master’s Technique (Verdaccio Underpainting & Glazing) are approximately $225.00 per square inch.

Portraits done in “The Grand Manner” denote extreme detail in the subject’s surroundings. It might include flowers, animals/pets, furnishings, mementos, etc., which doubles the price of the painting. Additional figures increase the per person price. (Example: Two figures would be double the price; three figures would be triple the price.)

Please contact the artist for a Fee Schedule.

Prices listed are a general guide and subject to change without notice.




We want you to be totally satisfied with the completed portrait. The artist will work with you to make simple modifications to meet your request. (This does not include adding a background or changing clothing colors, adding details not originally agreed to upon approval of the photo reference chosen.)

If after making modifications, the portrait cannot be completed to you satisfaction, you will receive a refund of 75%. The initial 25% deposit will not be refunded. No refund will be given for travel or shipping expenses required in the production of the portrait.


The portrait will be surrendered to the artist or her representative at the time the refund is made. The Model’s Release, signed at the time of the Contract, allows the artist to use the portrait as a sample, and in the artist’s portfolio, and in any other media that the artist so desires for promotion of her business.




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